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setlocale error


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I am getting the following error on the top of every page:


Warning: setlocale() [function.setlocale]: Passing locale category name as string is deprecated. Use the LC_* -constants instead. in /home/sites/site203/web/catalog/includes/languages/english.php on line 12


The only thing I have done so far is install the program through cqhost. I believe they are running an out of date version, I just would like to know what code I need to change to fix this. Thank you for your help.


Steven Goodemote


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In includes/languages/english.php where it says LC_TIME make sure you don't have any single quotes around it like 'LC_TIME' should be LC_TIME this will fix it.


setlocale(LC_TIME, 'en_US.ISO_8859-1');


As above is the way it should be. Your line 12, I think



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