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Milestone Tax Rate Edit


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Hello there...

Ive set-up a zone zone, tax rate, and tax class.


So.. now in theory if i assign 'taxable goods' to any item, it should add tax.

No problems with this pre milestone version.


Now using the milestone version..

I assign taxable goods to an item, but no tax is added..

The tax has been assigned to the item in the DB..

but it does not get added.


It's not that it isnt 'displayed'.


I noticed a slight difference in the 'tax rate' and that is the additional decimal display.. (e.g pre milestone 17.5% -- milestone 17.50%)


Im wondering if there is some on/off setting, that was added to the milestone version for the 'Tax' settings ?


any ideas why the tax isnt added ??


I think it has to be something simple :wink:

I just cant find it :?

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Looks to me like they've forgotten (or intentionally removed or moved to another script?) the lines


  define('TAX_DECIMAL_PLACES', 0); // Pad the tax value this amount of decimal places

 define('DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX', true); // Display prices with tax (true) or without tax (false)


in includes/application_top.php but I could be wrong...



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I think you are right ! :wink:


I dont see them anywhere, so they have obviously edited that section quite a bit.. i have done some fairly extensive custom edits to my copy, but only found this 'no tax' problem recently.


I dont think i have edited anything that would mess this up..

The actual process of adding a new tax element seems to be fine..

it also 'seems' to work, as the product has the relevant 'taxable goods' tag added to it's reference in the DB.


It just seems to be omitted when it comes to the actual catalog..

Must be something, somewhere ! :?


Hope i dont have to go back to a recent snapshot, that i know will work :(

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:idea: CLANG! :lol:




Display price with tax (set = true)

Tax Decimal place ( default is 2 )


Yep.. it was an easy thing... :wink:


hope this helps someone else at a later date :D

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  • 2 months later...

This worked, now it adds the tax when set like you stated but I think it confuses the customer and makes prices look higher. I want it where it only adds the taxes at checkout without the tax in the price but when I set it to false it won't add the taxes in the total.


Sub-Total: $5.29

USPS Table Rate (Ships in 7-10 business days): $6.34

(No Gift Wrap): $0.00

Ohio TAX 5.75%: $0.63

Total: $11.63


Anyone got a fix that will add it in the total without displaying it in the price? When I turn display to false, it won't add the taxes at all.

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