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Hiding offer product from general users


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Hi, im new to osCommerce forum, i've just got my website up and running somebody else did all the set-up.(basically i'm not a programmer)


My problem is that i have 50 individual products for sale in 5 categories,


but i want to run a leaflet offer on a single product so i've got one of those 50 products repeated, but with 2 different prices.


so anybody who visits my site generally, e.g www.mywebsite.com will have just the 50 products to chose (so theres no internal link in order to get to the offer product, unless they know the url) and the person who types the url www.mywebsite.com/promo will have this 51st product infront of them and should they choose to buy,they can click on a link and it will take them to the reduced price product they can add and then complete the purchase via the shopping cart.


currently im updating all my products through a excel spreadsheet and if i add the 51st product through here it comes up in the category and is visible to anybody which i don't want.


is there a way i could add it to my product portfolio and not have it showing in my category or product list??? only via the specific url


i've tried to make it sound simple as possible, any info will be greatly appreciated.




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