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Using decimals in table rate shipping


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Hello everyone, Sorry if this is a duplicate post but I could not find anything on this so far.

I am new to osCommerce and am trying to set up the table rate shipping module. I will be shipping with USPS from california and I have seen used their module BUT, its WAY expensive.

I sell trading cards and other merchandise, but a pack of cards that is $3.49, and having a shipping price of $5.00 is a little out there when I know I can ship them for standatd 0.69cents a pack.

So, I have created a formula to convert the weight in oz to lbs. But when I try to enter that into the module (ie. 0.0625:0.69, etc...) the shipping rate displays $0.00 for the price. I have shortened the decimals to 2 numbers after the period (0.07:0.64,0.13:1.28,0.19:1.92) and it only begins to charge when the total weight hits (0.19:1.92). I help getting it to display the shipping for each weight in decimals... I cannot do it in rounding because that would throw off everything and myself and the customer would be getting ripped off!

Here is an example of my formula for oz to lbs:


Formula: (ounces)X(0.0625)=Pounds


1oz=0.0625lbs =$0.64

2oz=0.125lbs =$1.28

3oz=0.1875lbs =$1.92

4oz=0.25lbs =$2.56

5oz=0.3125lbs =$3.20

6oz=0.375lbs =$3.84

7oz=0.4375lbs =$4.48

8oz=0.5lbs =$5.12

9oz=0.5652lbs =$5.76

10oz=0.625lbs =$6.40

11oz=0.6875lbs =$7.04

12oz=0.75lbs =$7.68

13oz=0.8125lbs =$8.32

14oz=0.875lbs =$8.96

15oz=0.9375lbs =$9.60

16oz=1.0lbs =$10.24


Thanks in advance



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