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20% discount on all products up to $500


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SafetyPay is offering a promotion for Valentines in which I can offer my clients 20% discount on all products, and they will assume 10% of that discount and I assume the other 10% as long as they pay through SafetyPay. The catch here is that they will assume their 10% discount for purchases only up to $500...and I will like to keep offering my 10% no matter what the total purchase is. In other words, for purchases up to $500 dollars the client gets 20% discount, after that the discount is 10% for the remaining total (example: Buy $600 worth of goods and get 20% over $500 and 10% over $100).


I have no idea how to set this up. Is there a contribution that will do this?



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Even tough there were no replies to my original post, I've found a contribution that seems to do exactly what I need and I would like to share my find...and at the same time if anybody has used this contribution, I would be interested in any feedback you might provide (be it good or bad).


The contribution in question is Price Sensitive Discount v.2.4



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Well, I hope somebody who is following this thread can help me resolve the following.


I need to figure a discount based on 20% for the first $500 and 10% for the remainder after that.



Total Purchase = $600.00

20% discount on $500 = $100.00

10% discount on $100 = $10.00

Total discount = $110.00

Final Price w/discount = $490.00



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Thats complicated, but do-able. It will need to be coded as I think there are no contributions that can handle a double discount system.


My idea would be to take one of the existing coupon modules and reconfigure the calculations to only allow 20% upto $500. If the figure is above that, do 10% (on everything ABOVE $500) but add an extra $100 on the discount figure.




$400 = $80 discount (20%)

$500 = $100 discount (20%)

$600 = $110 discount (10% of $100 [which is 600-500] + $100)

$1000 = $150 (10% of $500 [which is 1000-500] + $100)

784.54 = $128.45 (10% of $284.54 [which is 784.54-500] + $100)


however, this would show something like this, in the order totals;


Total Purchase 600.00

Coupon (coupon name) -110.00

Final Price w/discount 490.00


Which may not be what you want.


As this needs to be coded, you should expect to pay.

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