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The e-commerce.

Feedback on my store


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You need to make the quality of your osCommerce look match the quality of your cakes! Try to get away from the standard osCommerce look. Not sure if the "browns" that you are using for the colour scheme are right colour for a foodstuff website.

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Looks like made in a big hurry


1) No security, admin folder is unprotected, called admin, probably nothing else installed either

2) No SEO at all, no meta tags no nothing

3) No design at all apart of changing the color to brown. Still the blue buttons, stock graphic etc

4) Bad images, stretched and not showing the item properly, any background etc

5) Not clear pricing: What if i want to order 24 cakes? will I pay 20x4=80? Or using the "option" to take 12, that cost 20+15=35 and this x2 = 70? Search for "quantity price break per product" addon

6) Delivery: What if I buy 2 items and choose just for 1 the saturday delivery? Will I get the one on Saturday the other one on monday? Or do I have to pay 2 times x 2,5? And if I buy on monday, will I still get them on Saturday paying more, when paying less I would get them on Friday? Thats all a delivery option, not a product option


I would put more effort in my site if I really want to earn money

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This site is in need of major design improvements.


As it is now , its just some minor color adjustments away from the default look.


Even the default buttons have not been changed with something more appropriate.

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Thanks for th feedback I'll get to work on it, I'm new to this and still learning so all help is much appreciated.



P.s the cakes do taste lovely!!

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