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Electronic Downloads Corrupt


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I posted this yesterday in the wrong area - so hopefully someone here can help.


I sell digital media. When I test my site with a mock transaction, everything runs smoothly except.. my download files. None of my zip files are over 16MB. When I click my download link in the completed transaction, the download stops at 766 bytes and then of course, the file will not unzip due to being corrupt.


I thought maybe the files had been corrupted during the ftp upload, so I cleared out my download folder. REZipped all the originals again and ftp'd again. Same error. Via the completed transaction link, only 766 bytes. If I use my ftp to transfer a download, the files are good.


I have searched these forums for days and tried numerous suggestions. I have tested in various browsers. I have checked my download.php file. I double checked my permissions on my directories. I am not using an accelerator. My product attributes are all correct.


Everything in the store is working smoothly except this glitch - how absolutely frustrating!!!!


Any ideas???

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Hi flipitxxx,

Unfortunately i can't offer any help advice.

I am having a similar problem with my download site.

My zip files are in the download section as they should be.

They whole system works fine, except when customers try to download multiple files at the same time,

or i've noticed in tests that if i'm downloading a zip file to test, and using the ftp for other purposes

or just uploading new products on the backend, then the files come down corrupt.


So really, if the backend admin is being used or if the FTP is being used at all,

then all zip files being downloaded by customers are corrupt. My Max zip file is around 65mb.

Sometimes i get 90% of the file, sometimes 10%. as you say flipitxxx, this is very frustrating.

Some customers are reporting a missing header error too.


Any help or suggestions from anyone would be great,



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