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To start with I MUST say that this forum is a wealth of knowledge and experience, of all my problems I have had so far this is the first time I have had to ask a question and before I started my site I had never touched php.


I have seen the wonderful articles by Chance on How to Make a Horrible osCommerce Websiteand How to Make an Awesome osCommerce Site and took a great big sigh as I don't feel I am capable of ticking all those boxes.

main problem is Picture handling,I tried OscThumb and it didn't speed up my site, it slowed it down and the ability to change the listing image size and product image size didn't work but it would be really usefull to be able to have them at different sizes. But I reverted it back and want to try Ultra pics as I read that I can upload my own thumbnails,(bit more of an effort but it takes two extra clicks after making the main image)does anyone have a better add on or could tell me which file/s I need from the contribution page please.


I would also like to semisecure my pictures as we take all of our own photos for the site and it really bugs me when people use other peoples pictures when they aren't even mine so if it happened to me I would be super bugged.


In short I would like:

Thumbnails that are not browser resized

Multiple pictures of items

Nice smooth pop up images when you click to enlarge them

Anything else that could improve the handling and viewing of pictures.

Image protection without resorting to sticking watermarks all over the items I am trying to display.


My site is here and the add ons I have put in place are currently



Print Order Receipt v1.5 update



customer_sort_admin_v1.8 only for OSC2.2RC2A





Thanks in advance and apologies if all my answers are somewhere already, I have read discussions about what to use etc, but no one puts their finger square on one thing and like ultra pics, no one says this is the file you want.

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