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Order confirmation email text - Bestellbestätigung EMail Text


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I installed this contribution : Order confirmation email text - Bestellbestätigung EMail (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3115) Text so i can edit the confirm emails that (don't even work with paypal standard) for some reason. I had to edit the checkout_process.php which is required by (one page checkout contribution's checkout.php) so now when I use a simple cash on delivery payment method which initially worked without the Order confirmation email text - Bestellbestätigung EMail Text contribution now gives me an error in the end as following:


my question is what is this error and where is coming from? can it be corrected? is it something that is casued by contributions overlapping? I think it has to do mostly with the confirmation email contribution becasue when i go on the admin side to edit it. first its not working correctly so it wont allow me to edit anything but when i click update it gives me the same error as below.


1146 - Table 'bestmacd.eorder_text' doesn't exist


SELECT * FROM eorder_text where eorder_text_id = '1' and language_id = '1'




I notice something eorder_text which is similar to files included in that contribution but I installed one of the SQL files provided and the other one wont go thru giving a similar error in my phpmyadmin. Here is the error.



SQL query:


CREATE TABLE `eorder_text` (


`eorder_text_id` TINYINT( 3 ) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',


`eorder_text_one` TEXT,

PRIMARY KEY ( `eorder_text_id, language_id` )



MySQL said:


#1072 - Key column 'eorder_text_id, language_id' doesn't exist in table


I''ll add an image of the admin side of the contribution below:





Thank you in advance,


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I just wanted to add that I got rid of that error but am still having trouble making this contribution work. ALL i want is for my email to look similar to my invoice kinda and a little thank you message above. The contribution doesn't work properly from the admin side even after installing that FCKeditor thing. In the admin side the box. when its suppose to be different. Also now that its installed nothings shows up in the order confirmation body. because its empty. I thought when installing the contrbution is that it would take what was the email already and have me add more if i wanted or something. can anyone tell me whats wrong ? if anyone tried this contribution? All I wanted was a invoice like email and the title of the email to include order #



Thank you in advance,


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Hi aelalfy1989,


did you solve that problem? I just installed this contribution and on the admin site it is just like you described.

I double checked all but cannot find what's wrong...


A pitty that there is no support thread for this contribution.


I really like the idea to be able to modify the email in the admin-area and I would be frustrated to deinstall this contribution again...

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Hi aelalfy1989 and FridayNight


I've installed this contribution too, and i was looking for a solution to this problem when i've found this post, which is the one where i've seen you have the same problem.


As i have not found any solution on internet i've investigate the code, and i notices that the var $language always is 0.


Looking for the assignment of that variable i noticed that only was assignet in a if statemtent, so the solution is to assign $language in anywhere on the code.



I suggest to put here:


search: for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($languages); $i<$n; $i++) {


and just before this instruction copy this: $languages = tep_get_languages();

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