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multiple products same description


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Does anyone know of a contribution, or have some code that accomplishes this?


Basically, what happens if a customer has a bunch of products that will have the same image and description for more then 5 products. The part number/model (and maybe the part name) is the only thing that distinguishes it in a grouping.


Here is an example...

Let's say that one of my "products" is a 'GE SoftWhite Light Bulb'...

I would only display the image and description one time. But I would want to list several options that my customer could select the right one to add to the shopping cart:

GE Softwhite 75 Watt

GE Softwhite 100 Watt

GE Softwhite 150 Watt

GE Softwhite 175 Watt


I thought of adding a field in the products database where I could put them in a "product_group". But before I got too far into this, I want to make sure that no one else had already solved this problem.


Please send a link to the contribution if it is already posted. I looked through most of them and didn't see anything that sounded like this.

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That is where Copy Product as Duplicate comes in.


You might also look at the Attributes Sorter and Copier v5.1 that gives more flexibility to this.


I believe the last version in contributions is v5.0 but on my site is v5.1 until I can get the next two versions completed for snapshots 02152003 and MS1

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Easy Populate can help get the products in and by using copy and paste in Excel it is easy to fill cells of products that have the same description and image. However it does not handle attributes, it just gets the products in the database and into categories. Then the Attributes Sorter and Copier would work to add the attributes.


Easy Populate is here:





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