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Different boxes weight


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Hi everyone! First sorry my english is not the best, thanks.

I have my site running for a few years now but there is that one question that keeps bugging me.


I sell records and cd's so mailer for my cd weight (15-20 grams) and i have those mailer for the big LP (200 grams)

The problem is that in "package tare weight " under shipping/packaging i had to put the lowest value which is (0.05Grams) and now everytime that i sell a LP it add only the weight of the small mailer and this result in me losing money in shipping.


So my quesiton is - does someone have a better way to deal with "package tare weight" and what determines which ones a small/medium package or a large package.


My head is about to explode



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Don't use the tare weight..........put the actual weight (including packaging) into the product weight field during the product creation process.





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Yeah but what if someone order more than 1 item. The box itself is almost as heavy as the LP (vinyl disk).


IE: if i have 4 lp of 300gr each and the box weight 250 it would mean normally a total weight of 1450gr

with your suggestion it would means a total weight of 2200gr.


Thanks Dunweb for your suggestion, if you or someone else have any other suggestion on how to resolve this that would be appreciated.

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