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The e-commerce.

Multiple StoreFronts - one or more installations?


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I'd like to run multiple instances of oscommerce storefronts from a single server and need some advice as I am new to the system and code.





Dedicated single machine with single NIC card and single static IP #, DSL connectivity & DNS service through ISP

platform: FreeBSD O/S 7.2


Hostname of machine my-1.domain.com, Running APACHE 2.x, MySQL servers


Several subdomains my-2.domain.com, ... , my-n.domain.com, a couple of fully qualified domains, i.e. otherdomain1.com, subs - my-a.otherdomain1.com and my-b.otherdomain1.com, all running as virtual hosts.


I am desirous of running oscommerce on a few of these virtual hosts, viz. - my-3.domain.com, my-a.otherdomain1.com and my-b.otherdomain1.com at the moment.


I have one instance of MySQL running at my-1.domain.com currently.


My Question(s):

Can I run these from one oscommerce installaton or do I have to do multiple installation?

Presumably, I can run several databases on the same MySQL server for each store front, am I correct?

If I am doing multiple installations, shouldn't I modify the Makefile, any recommendations on this?




I had an initial set up of oscommerce outside of the web server's Document Root(s) with a soft link from there to the Document Root of the desired virtual hosts and with a directive set up of -

       <Directory "/usr/local/www/apache22/my-a-otherdomain1/">
               Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
               AllowOverride AuthConfig
               Order deny,allow

But this does not seem to work when pointing the browser to





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