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Hi guys,


I'm facing problem with the fields required for me to fill in.



Page Style

The page style to use for the transaction procedure (defined at your PayPal Profile page)


Debug E-Mail Address

All parameters of an Invalid IPN notification will be sent to this email address if one is entered.


Sort order of display.

Sort order of display. Lowest is displayed first.


Enable Encrypted Web Payments

Do you want to enable Encrypted Web Payments?





Your Private Key

The location of your Private Key to use for signing the data. (*.pem)


Your Public Certificate

The location of your Public Certificate to use for signing the data. (*.pem)


PayPals Public Certificate

The location of the PayPal Public Certificate for encrypting the data.


Your PayPal Public Certificate ID

The Certificate ID to use from your PayPal Encrypted Payment Settings Profile.


Working Directory

The working directory to use for temporary files. (trailing slash needed)


OpenSSL Location

The location of the openssl binary file.




Where do i get all these info eg; Public Cert, Public Cert ID, OpenSSL location, etc etc..

I've checked Paypal website but no such info provided.


Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks! :)

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The only info you need with Paypal standard is the email address. However, Paypal standard is not very reliable, so you may want to look into the Paypal IPN contribution and check Paypal for the IPN application.




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Hi Chris,


I tried installing Website Express Checkout but i encountered the error message; Security Header is not Valid". I have all the API signatures, username and password obtained from the paypal website but not sure what went wrong?


Where to download the IPN application for Paypal?


Thanks! :)

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