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Product column name change


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Query 1:

I have products I would like to show their case price and their case quantity for, is it possible to change the name of the headers for columns? I don't need manufacturer names or weights, so I could change them, it's easy enough to add the correct info, but the column heading name needs to be changed.


I am in the process of populating the catalog using easy populate, If I change the name on the site or in the spreadsheet, will it affect the other, or do I need to make some sort of changes to both?


Query 2:

We do not currently need online purchasing, but we would like to use the site for online ordering, is there a process for setting this up?


Sorry for asking questions that probably have easy answers, but I haven't used OSC for a site before and I'm still learning it's capabilities.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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1. You're talking about the product listing page? You can control what is shown in Admin Configuration. So if you don't want those columns turn them off. Then modify the code to add the extra ones in. As far I remember, the column heading is coming from the language file.


2. If you want them to order without paying then use the COD payment module and just change the text to be something suitable.

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