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Host upgrade to PHP 5.3.1 help


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We have been advised our host is upgrading to PHP 5.3.1 which has many changes and is not as pliable as previous versions when it comes to some oscommerce scripts.


As we have several shops for clients with several different versions of osc, is there a way we can see if any of the code will need upgrading?


Is there a script available which can read the files which may be effected and give a status report?


I'm just trying to be sure no sites fall over when the upgrade is switched on.


Appreciate the help.



oz :-)

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You could ask your host to test your codebase on PHP 5 if they have that facility. I remember being able to toggle between PHP 4 and PHP 5 from within Control Panel until the cutoff date to PHP 5 only.

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There are a number of "deprecated" functions in PHP 5.3. Initially, you can find the instructions for not reporting deprecated functions, and that will buy you time to follow the instructions for upgrading the code.


Depending on what your current PHP version is (4.something?) and more importantly, what your osC version is, you may encounter other problems with things like register global variables being unavailable and "long array names" (e.g., $HTTP_POST_VARS) disabled. The most recent osC version (2.2 RC2a) should take care of those things, except for the deprecated functions. That might be fixed in 2.2 final, if and when that comes out, but the manual fixes are fairly easy. The full list is at http://us.php.net/manual/en/migration53.deprecated.php


Another thing to watch out for is whether your database is being upgraded too, from MySQL 4 to MySQL 5. That is known to break many of the "LEFT JOIN" SQL operations. Fortunately the fix is easy: http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/topic/335136-osc-and-mysql-5-1054-errors

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