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The e-commerce.

Images are not proportional


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I am somewhat new to this. I have a couple of questions.



1. Is there a way I can make the images proportional with one size?


2. What is the recommendations for saving a picture as to upload? I work with corel Draw.


3. Is there updates that can be easily installed? I had installed osCommerce at hostmonster.com however seem like there would be simple updates as to get the bugs out, I see MANY different types to change, but is there a simple way of doing all of that.


I greatly appreciate any help.



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1) There are several contributions to change the way your images look:







2) OSC will work with .gif, .jpg, .png and others. I prefer .jpg files but whatever you want to work with.


3) Contribution complexity varies with each contribution. Download one, read the install instructions and see if you feel comfortable doing it. The most important thing to remember when installing contributions is BACK UP YOUR FILES AND DATABASE BEFORE YOU BEGIN !


Welcome to the forum.




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Image management is one of the most perflexing things to site owners.


You can control image size in Admin Images.


If you try and control both width and height then you will get image distortion unless your source images are proportional in size to the parameters you set.


Most people just try and control one. So depending on the design control width or height.


The second issue is that sometimes the resized image looks poor quality. None of those referenced Add Ons will solve the issue of trynig to control width and height. As far as I know, all they is produce better quality resized images.


Best practice is to create images to suit the site from the get go. What is stopping you going that? Volume?

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