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graphics aren't working


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This is probably a real simple fix but I can't figure it out. My language graphics (the little flags) aren't showing at my administrator site. It's trying to pull graphics from:




but the graphics are here:




Where do I go to fix this? What file do I alter?

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Check that you are not using Search Engine Friendly URLs and that you do not have $DOCUMENT_ROOT or $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] in your configure.php but rather use the real path.

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I have the same problems...


when I am at:


http://www.domain.com/admin... whatever


the images that are in the admin/images directory show fine, but the ones in the catalog/images do not show up.


the location that it shows for the images is:




What this means is that somewhere there is a reference to:




where it should be:




I have not been able to find this, but it is generic to all the pages, so I thought that it might be in one of the main include files... like application_top.php


still working on it...






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you know, its probably in the file that determines whether the connection is http or not (I have http = 'false' in both configure.php's) maybe its there that the DIR_WS_CATALOG_IMAGES variable gets the HTTP(S)_SERVER concatenated to the front...






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