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I've worked with osCommerce a few times but no sites ever went live. I have first client with a live osc site and genuine paying customers (exciting for both me and my client!). Is the order status for the benefit of the customer or the merchant? Specifically, once an order is placed and status is set to whatever the default is (e.g. pending), does it ever get automatically altered e.g. once PayPal payment is successfully processed or does the merchant have to manually confirm customer funds are in his PayPal account and then modify the status to processing/delivered/etc? My client was wondering about this and was hoping there was a way he could distinguish between orders placed and orders placed that have successfully made it thru PayPal so he know which orders to act on (i.e. package and ship product). Any help & advice appreciated !




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Hi John,



The order status can be set up however you like. It is for the admin and the customer to track the order. IF you use PayPal IPN, you can set it up to set the order status as confirmed or ready to ship or whatever you would like. IF you use PayPal Standard, you will want to confirm the payment was received before changing the status (manually). In any case, the admin will have to update the status manually at some point.





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