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Difference between backup file name and database name


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Hi everione,


I´m in process of figuring out how the DB works, so I´ve noticed that when I do a backup, the name of the document changes (logically).

My question is: if I move my site from one host to another, what do I put in the two configure.php documents under D B Name- the name of the last backup document or the name of the original DB created in PhPMyAdmin, when installed my OSC??????

Or, put it in another way, is there any connection/difference between the two, what name goes where as path/name and what is the relation between what appears in the Backup tool in the admin section and what appears in thetwo configure.php documents as name.


Thanks in advance

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In the 2 configure.php files you put the name of the DB as you created it in phpmyadmin, along with its username and password. If you changed the DB name or username when you installed it at the new host's server, you use the NEW details.

When you backup your DB from your shop's admin it will append a number with the date after the name, you don't use that in the configure files.

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Thank you :) One more Q if you don´t mind: So, when I move my site, all I have to move alone with it is the last backup .sql document that will contain all the info about my DB (plus the images of course and give it Restore) and I don´t need to worry about what I created as DB in PhPMyAdmin when I first installed OSC. True or not?

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