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I am wondering if theres an add on that will allow me to do this or a number of addons together..I have had a quick look but am not sure as some of the addons are vague in description.


Let me explain my business:


1. I want to run a membership site where members can download ebooks, articles, sales letters, audio files, softwares, e.t.c.


2. There will be three categories of membership; Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships.


3. Bronze members can download 5 ebooks monthly. Silver members can download 10 ebooks monthly. Gold members can download an unlimited amount of ebooks monthly.


No one should be able to download more than the allowed number of ebooks monthly.


Do kindly note that by ebooks, I mean ebooks, articles, sales letters, audio files, softwares, e.t.c.


4. All the products (ebooks, articles, sales letters, audio files, softwares, e.t.c.) are considered to be individual/unique items and all the members have access to all the products.


The only difference is the number of downloads allowed per memebership class.


A bronze member can down 4 ebooks, 3 softwares, 1 article pack and 2 sales letters. These are ten items which corresponds to the 10 items he can download for a given month.


The bronze member can decide to download 10 ebooks or 10 softwares. That depends on him.


many regards and a happy new year


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There are contributions that make a store "private" where you have to login to be able to view anything.


The rest of it looks like a lot of custom coding to me.


Looks like you'll be replacing the entire checkout process with code that:


1. Checks the members status and the products they are trying to download.


2. Checks the datbase to be sure they aren't exceeding their moonthly quota of each type of download based on their status and previous items downloaded in the month.


3. Then grants or denies the download based on the results of the above checks.


And there are probably a few other things in there that would need to be addressed that I haven't even thought of.


I would seriously doubt any contributions exist that will fulfill all your requirements.


And please don't ask me if I'm interested (paid or not).


Truthfully I'm not the guy you're looking for on this one.


If I suggest you edit any file(s) make a backup first - I'm not perfect and neither are you.


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