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gibrish hebrew


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Hi I'm new here


I created a new shop and added hebrew language


1. I get gibrish when I try to create a new category

the first 4 letters are fine but all the rest gibrish

the gibrish looks different on each browser

anyway i always get only 5 letters and the fifth is gibrish

even if I wrote a 10 letter 'םרג


2.the hebrew contribution didn't change too much

most is still english

is that how its supposed to be?

and also it does not look as tidy as the english version in css manner

like the headers and top symbols dont come in a neat placement

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I even tried to download the database and change manually to the hebrew word but then I get just "???????"


no one has a solution?


again to make the problem understood:

only in the categories box if I write a word that is longer than 4 letters

i get always a 5 letter word when the last one is gibrish

for example:

מצלמות - would output @מצלמ

or - מלהכלשהיא - would output @מלהכ

I used the sign @ for gibrish

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