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Transfer updates from dev. database to live database


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Is there an easy way to get my database updates from my development database to my live database? I have made quite a few changes to the database, so many, in fact, that I can't remember which tables were altered. Anyway, I've tried exporting the whole development database, including the data and structure. When I tried to insert that database, I got an error that the address_book table already exists...


Anyway, any ideas for a quick and easy update? I thought of maybe just deleting the old live database, and creating a new one, then importing the development database structure and content, but...


Thanks in advance.



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It's very easy to change the database in use in osCommerce (just change the name in configure.php). So I would:


1) Create a new database

2) Import stuff from the dev server

3) Change configure.php to point to the new database.


If there's a problem (it does happen), it will be very easy to revert to a working solution.


Never break a production site. Build a new one along the first and just switch the links when it's ready.

Christian Lescuyer

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Thanks, Christian. Excellent idea. I have three databases available on my hosting account. I'll create the new one with data imported from my development database. Then, when I see that things are running smoothly, I'll get rid of the "old" live database, and redirect to the new one.





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