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Admin Order Update to 404 page


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Hi, I've got an issue with my admin side whereby when I update an order status, rather than reloading the current page and showing the changes in the table above the comments box, I just get a blank page. I can press back and the page then loads as it should. As I can get around this, it is not urgent, but I am planning to leave the system for someone else to manage and it would be better if working fully.


I have other OSC sites which work fine for this function. I've tried completely copying the order.php file from them, but the same issue occurs. I'm not really sure where to start looking beyond that. I'm guessing it has something to do with


<?php echo tep_image_submit('button_update.gif', IMAGE_UPDATE); ?>


but I'm not totally sure. I thought this would call the image for the button, but not the actual submit function. That button looks like it is part of the form only and the form would be programmed somewhere else.


Look forward to comments.



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I've been looking further into this problem...


I think this may be something to do with a redirect error.


The resulting page after pressing update (order status in admin/orders.php) is:



On other OSC sites of mine the resultsing page is:



As the button link/URL seems to end with the action=order_update in both cases I assume this is the first thing the button does and then something redirects it to the edit area again.


Can anyone tell me where to check how OSC is handling the actions order_update/edit or where OSC controls the redirecting from. Or what the problem might be if not the above.



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