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Exact Shipping Cost Modules


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Hi Forum Members,


I am looking for either of the following shipping modules. This is mainly due for an export company that sells varied weighted products, worldwide. Any suggestions


One that allows:-


  • Customized Shipping Zones [Lets me create zones and locations as per the local postage service]
  • Uses a table of shipping costs by weight per zone created above
  • Free shipping by zone location – i.e. store pickup
  • Free shipping by product
  • Compatible with PayPal Express Checkout

Ideally the shipping cost table is database driven, which can be uploaded from a csv [like easy populate] file due to the large amount of varied costs per zone basis per 20 grams. [Products vary in weight from 20grams all the way to 50kgs in segments of 20grams]


Or one that:-


  • Allows the customer to choose the products [populate his cart]
  • Replaces the checkout process with get exact shipping quote button initially, until Admin puts the correct shipping amount in the shipping cost field whilst displaying information that shipping will be calculated exactly and the customer’s cart will be updated with the exact shipping.[e.g. the next business day] Meantime the customer’s cart is frozen so that he cannot alter cart contents, until the process hereunder is complete.
  • Automatically sends email to admin to quote the exact shipping
  • Admin logs into client’s cart and adds the exact shipping cost in the shipping cost field.
  • Client is automatically informed by email that the shipping has been added to the cart.
  • Client can process to checkout
  • Compatible with PayPal Express Checkout

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Thanks Burt,


I have been mangling with your suggestion for the past month... Wasn't sucessful :'( Too Much Data [weight wise]


Hence I thought anyone can recommend a module that either fulfills such entirely or a collation of modules that work together


Regs Proimage

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Hi Burt,


Thanks for your posts


To have an idea on the amount of data and zones please refer to the links


Zones linked here


Weights from 1kg to 20kgs linked here


The 20grams rates/per zone linked here


There are more and maltapost doesn't have an online system that can automate such :'(

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  • 2 weeks later...

I don't think you'll find something that will give you what you need. You'll (in my opinion) need to spending a fair amount of cash on getting it custom developed.

I rewrote UK Royal Mail & Overseas Shipping Methods 21st Aug Prices (contribution #4473) earlier this year to satisfy some user requests, and tried to write the modules in a way that would make it easy to adapt them to another countries postal system.


For shipping to different countries you create 'zones' in the modules, which are essentially lists of country codes. The number of 'zones' is set with

$this->num_zones = <WHATEVER YOU NEED>;

at the top of the module. Then at the end of function install you can add the extra default 'zone' info within the loop. There's no basic reason why you couldn't have one 'zone' for each country, it would just make for a very long screen in the admin.


I hope you'll find the set of modules easy enough to adapt to your needs.


Best regards

LABBS Web Services

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