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Want to charge shipping on items over free shipping amount?


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Can anyone tell me if there is a contribution or easy solution to my problem?


I have free shipping set on all my items over £100 and this all works fine.


I have just received a new price list from one of my suppliers and now because of tiny profit margins I need to charge shipping on these items however they are all valued at over £100.


Is there a way that I can change the shipping cost for just one Manufacturer and keep my free shipping over £100 for all other items.


I have looked at the individual shipping cost by item contribution and although this would offer a quick fix it is not exactly what I want as I believe this sets in stone the shipping cost per item and does not allow for a choice of standard or overseas shipping as I have at the moment.


So Ideally I would like to have my shipping work as follows


Order an item under £100 have option of standard or overseas shipping (costs incured) THIS IS ALREADY WORKING.

Order an item over £100 have option of free shipping (standard) or overseas (extra +£10.00) THIS IS ALREADY WORKING.

Order an item from 1 Specific manufacturer charge set rate (£whatever we decide) and if it is shipped overseas add a second rate (£whatever we decide)


I hope that I have explained this properley and look forward to your repsonses.

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