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The e-commerce.

Oscommerce as nuke module


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With a few hours of work i had succesfully integrated oscommerce in phpnuke as a module.

Everything works fine but i had a problem with the cart that remain always empty.I think that the problem is related to the session but for the moment i'm not able to solve it.

Any idea?




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We have merged phpnuke with oscommerce, we have kept the standard PHPNUKE features and structures. We have dropped the phpnuke YOUR ACCOUNT and have created a new YOUR ACCOUNT which utilises some featuers from OS-Commerce, but we created a new table structure for customers/users which is uses parts of OS-Commerce customers and PHPNUKE users tables.


We also re-written PHPNUKE, to use email address instead of a user name, in a commercial application "users" forget their username as their is to many sites they may signup at, but they will not forget their email address. We still request them to enter a user name, but it is only used in our forum.


The whole purpose of having one account manager for PHPNUKE and OS-COMMERCE is that people that visit the site get confused if they have to signup for PHPNUKE and than for the OS-Commerce Shop. We at one point also had a separate signup if you were a job seeker for our career centre. We our merge, this is now taken care of and we only have one signup, and can be used through out the site.


We stripped the OS-Commerce of some codes whioch were not nessessary to us, and we made a module accordingly to the PHPNUKE concept.

You can check it out at www.epnn.com, it is a live site so be careful.

I also wanted to point out, that we have made modifcation to PHPNUKE so when you add a news item or and article, you can charge for the content.


We use FIRSTGATE as our content provider.




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