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The e-commerce.

import database to new installation


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new to oscommerce, so might seem a bit slow!


Anyway, im a web designer that mainly deals in static html and wordpress.

I have a client that wants to update there webstore. I was going to use a wordpress ecommerce solution i have used before, as i am comfortable in making bespoke wordpress themes etc.


However the clients budget is a bit limited, and whilst digging around in their current site it seems it is a least loosely based on oscommerece.

The site is provided by a third party, with no direct ftp access, only admin login, but whilst in the admin area i spotted this:


E-Commerce Engine Copyright © 2005 osCommerce

osCommerce provides no warranty and is redistributable under the GNU General Public License


So i'm thinking its oscommerce based. As the wordpress solution i was going to use is bespoke, i doubt there will be any simple way to import the current catalog, and as there are some 500 odd products each with at least 5 different color/size/price options for each, populating the new store would take longer than designing and building it.


SO i thought its time to read up on oscommerece, and here i am.


1st q: How do i go about exporting the current catalog database and importing into a new installation? My webhost offers this version in fantastico: 2.2 Release Candidate 2a + buySAFE, though i am happy to manually install a different version if advised (any idea what version would have been used in 2005?) and will probably want to install a local version on xamp for testing.


Also how do you install a template in oscommerece? I cant seem to find any documentation - is it correct that the template must be installed with a new installation? Any good resources on building your own templates/ modifying them?


All help appreciated.

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For your database: You will need to get an export of your database from your server access panel phpmyadmin.


If you cannot do this I am struggling to know how you would get a copy to import.


You will need to change two files on your local server to accomodate the new dbase settings.


You will need to change inludes/configure.php and admin/includes/configure.php These bascially control your site (they will control which database to use)


With regards templates, you will need to install one of the template contributions to your Osc site I use STS Templates Which I find very usefull. If you need any more info on STS you will find you might get a much better response by posting your question in STS Forum


I hpoe that this helps?

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As far as the actual importing of your database into OSCommerce, it is done just you would import any SQL created database using MYSQL , there is nothing unique here. 'All' you have to do is match up the table and fields in the two databases. But it's the 'all' part, the matching up part, that can be incredibly if not near impossibly tedious.

Oscommerce site:



OSC to CSS, http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7263 -Mail Manager, http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8120

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