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Serious Issue with Php 4.03 and NEED A SOLUTION


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Ok there are 2 other topic for same issue, but after following everything I still have same issues.

Now thats what I did:

1) Follow what Wayne mentioned in another post:

I have added all these on application_top.php








and register_globals is on



2) I also used Ain's Fix for discount coupon

3) I also tried disabling Discount Coupon


But now when I open new browser instant and try to go to my site

it gives me this error:

Query was empty - Query was empty


Query was empty



try it www.bdbazar.com


Now after refresh it works fine. Something is needs to be done here.

Looking for a solution ASAP since I'm loosing lots of business since Yesterday.



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And I just wanna know what makes YOU so important that you have to start another thread when you know perfectly well that there is one addressing the issue...?


We all have issues that we would like answers to... you may search the forums and see that I have questions that have never been answered.... do I jump up and down because I don't have an immediate solution?...I think what you are doing is a blatant misuse of the talent that is freely available here .

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Valid points.

Please post your answers / suggestions to one of the existing threads:






"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them"

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