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Catchable fatal error: order process


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I just suddently found out I have a Catchable fatal error during checkout process...


Catchable fatal error: Object of class order could not be converted to string in store/blog/wp-includes/classes.php on line 273


the blog is a wordpress, and I placed the blog folder under the store directory


the following is classes.php line 273:

if ( !empty( $this->query_vars[$wpvar] ) ) {

line 273-----> $this->query_vars[$wpvar] = (string) $this->query_vars[$wpvar];

if ( in_array( $wpvar, $taxonomy_query_vars ) ) {

$this->query_vars['taxonomy'] = $taxonomy_query_vars[$wpvar];

$this->query_vars['term'] = $this->query_vars[$wpvar];


i don't know what's wrong with it, please help me!!

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You'd probably do better asking in a WordPress support forum. I doubt that being installed "below" the store has anything to do with this particular error. Any idea why you would be invoking your WP blog during checkout? Do you have a PHP include_path entry that's picking up WP before it picks up a similarly-named file or directory in osC?

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I really don't know what caused it, but I do have links on the column_right that leads to the blog, i even tried the backup back to 2 months, and nothing worked, maybe i'll asked around in the wordpress support forum....

the only thing that is connected with the blog is the link...and the error only show up during the checkout process!

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