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Editing What's New or Random box to show more than one item.


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When using the whats new or random item box module, how can you get it to display more than one item? Let say I want to display 6 items. How would you code it?


below is the code for the random item.




show_random.php: entirely based on

$Id: whats_new.php,v 1.30 2002/06/05 20:59:08 dgw_ Exp $


osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions



Copyright © 2002 osCommerce


Released under the GNU General Public License



<!-- show_random //-->




if ($random_product = tep_random_select("select products_id, products_image, products_tax_class_id, products_price from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " where products_status='1' limit " . MAX_RANDOM_SELECT_NEW)) {

$random_product['products_name'] = tep_get_products_name($random_product['products_id']);

$random_product['specials_new_products_price'] = tep_get_products_special_price($random_product['products_id']);


$info_box_contents = array();

$info_box_contents[] = array('align' => 'left',



new infoBoxHeading($info_box_contents, false, false, tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, '', 'NONSSL'));


if ($random_product['specials_new_products_price']) {

$rprod_price = '<s>' . $currencies->display_price($random_product['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($random_product['products_tax_class_id'])) . '</s><br>';

$rprod_price .= '<span class="productSpecialPrice">' . $currencies->display_price($random_product['specials_new_products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($random_product['products_tax_class_id'])) . '</span>';

} else {

$rprod_price = $currencies->display_price($random_product['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($random_product['products_tax_class_id']));



$info_box_contents = array();

$info_box_contents[] = array('align' => 'center',

'text' => '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $random_product['products_id']) . '">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $random_product['products_image'], $random_product['products_name'], SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT) . '</a><br><a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $random_product['products_id'], 'NONSSL') . '">' . $random_product['products_name'] . '</a><br>' . $rprod_price


new infoBox($info_box_contents);





<!-- show_random_eof //-->

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In admin under maximum values the "new products module" count is what is on the default.php page in the new products box.


A little further down is the "new products listing" which is how many is on a page when you click the what's new link in the column box.


Hope this helps!

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See there:

Try changing the parameter in admin, maximum values section.


This select the number of item that is randomized. Not the number of items in the Info box. I would like to do this in the Whats new box. I'm using just text and no images. So I have room for a second item.



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