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Easy Populate Upload Error


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Hello All,


I've had a look through the forums and cant seem to find a fix for my error.


Whenever i try to upload a CSV file to populate my database i get the below error.

This occurs, even if i export my product database and simply re-upload it without editing.


One *possible* cause is that i'm having trouble making the 'temp' dir writable.

I'm pretty sure the 'temp' directory doesnt play a part in this, but I may be wrong. (Sorry for the lack of knowledge)


If anyone can give me a hand, it would be appreciated! :)




Easy Populate 2.76i-MS2 - Default Language : english(1)


File uploaded.

Temporary filename: C:\WINDOWS\Temp\phpF4.tmp

User filename: EP2009Nov26-0808.csv

Size: 11463

##Can not open file for reading. Script will terminate.




Link to file - www.itelements.com.au/catalog/EP2009Nov26-0808.csv

This was exported from the website and has NOT been edited.



Other details are...


Settings & Info


EP vers: 2.76i-MS2

osCommerce 2.2-MS2


HTTP: Microsoft-IIS/6.0

DB: MySQL 4.1.21-Max

PHP: 5.2.5 (Zend: 2.2.0)


Temp Directory:


Temp Dir is NOT Writable

Magic Quotes is: off

register_globals is: off

Split files on: 300 records

Model Num Size: 12

Price with tax: false

Calc Precision: 2

Replace quotes: false

Field seperator: comma

Excel safe output: true

Preserve tab/cr/lf: false

Category depth: 7

Enable attributes: true

SEF Froogle URLS: false


Other Support:

MVS Support: false

Additional Images: false

More Pics: false

UltraPics Pics: false

HTC: false

SPPC: false

Extra Fields: false

PDF Upload: false

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