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The e-commerce.

Multiple sites, MCVE, Navision, etc...


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A couple of topics here. I've searched the forum and some in the contributions section and haven't found anything. I could be overlooking the obvious though...


My company sells and installs Navision which is a Windows-only accounting system. They were recently bought out by Microsoft matter of fact. A Navision package called Commerce Portal exists to allow the publishing and selling of items on a web site totally controlled by the Navision accounting software. We've put a lot of time and effort into making this go while a minority (including myself) have constantly nagged management with the possibilities of solutions like OSC and others. We've finally won out, woohoo! :-)


I suspect nothing exists to do this already but we'd like to eventually get something setup where daily (or more often) invoice data is saved into a flat file or XML file or something like that and transported over to the accounting server and imported for automatic synchronization. We have the Navision programming talent to take care of that end and the PHP talent to take care of the OSC part of things. I just wanted to check and make sure we're not re-inventing any wheel that already exists.


I've been asked about different price structures. Having different logins which show the users a different price based on what discount structure they get. Volume discounts on a per-customer basis I suppose. I searched the contrib sections and didn't find anything like that. Is there anything?


I looked through the payment modules and didn't see support for MCVE (Mainstreet Credit Verification Engine http://www.mcve.com) Does that exist in the core product or via a module? If not we'll write it. Again though no need re-inventing a wheel...


Last but not least. I have a server here with PSA (Plesk Server Administrator http://www.plesk.com) capable of hosting numerous sites for clients. Since each client setup in PSA can have their own MySQL database login and FTP/Web directories, etc.. I don't see an issue or problem with running multiple OSC sites off of it. I suspect others are already doing this? If so, is there any way to, or any advantage in having a single common shared directory with the core OSC programs in it and only customizations in the virtual web directory for the client. I'm thinking along the lines of easier maintenance in updating a piece to a newer version once instead of 50 times if I host 50 sites on a box (multiple servers I know will require multiple updates, just thinking of multiple sites on one server for the moment).


Thanks in advance!

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Nobody has answers to _any_ of these questions? Hmm.. I had hoped 1 or 2 of them would be very simple :) Hmm...


The biggie right now is custom pricing. Is there not some way to do that? Set different percentage markup amounts or something along those lines...

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