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Charging tax


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We have to charge customers different tax % depending upon where they live.

Is this something that is a default, or is there a way to have it figure out how much to charge based on where each customer lives?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(there may even be another category that would be better to ask this under)




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You do not have your location posted on your profile information, however in Canada, we have 1 tax that is collected from everyone in Canada and another collected just from the province where the store is located. In the USA, I believe taxes are only collected if the customer lives in the state where the store is located.



If you provide more information, I am sure someone can explain how to break down the tax calculations.






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Great, thanks.

We are in Washington, USA.


I may simply have the info wrong. I am seeing that here in the US, we have charge whatever tax the customer's state requires;

but I also found info that says we only have to charge what our state requires - in the second case i would have no problems i suppose,

just not sure how to find out the requirements. (though i don't expect you to know the tax rules in our country) :)

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i just spoke with a dept. of revenue employee, and found this out:

if we are shipping outside our state (Washington), we don't have to worry about taxes.

However, we do have to have a destination based sales tax here in Washington.

This means that we have to charge whatever tax % each city requires.


This seems like a huge hassle, but is there any way OsCommerce can do that?

Maybe it could be based on zip code...?

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