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Easy Populate 2.76g-MS2 Upload Issue


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Hi there,


I am looking uploading to my site using Easy Populate 2.76g-MS2 so obviously I am doing a tester using only 2 products.


Here is the file I am uploading...............




I am getting only the last product upload. I have tried adding others but no matter if its one, ten or five, its always only the last one that actually gets there.


I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and if there is anything I can do to make it upload all of them.





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Not sure if this helps or not, but I have had problems uploading using Easy populate myself (I might point out that I have virtually no experience in php coding and very little html).


Turns out that using a mac to upload hasnt been working for me. As soon as I use easy populate via pc/IE, it works fine.


Hope this helps.




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Ok, so I have found what I think is the problem. For some reason my "v_products_mode" field is updating the Product List Price (higher price thats crossed out) and vice versa. I am getting the feeling that my site has been set up using the model field as the list price. Because of this if I put 2 products into the database with the same list price (using the model field on the EP file) it will add one and then update every product after that until it gets to the end thus leaving the last product as the final update.


This is alarming as I am getting the feeling my entire site is set up incorrectly and that the product values are being used incorrectly.

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Solved. It turns out that because my model value is actually being used as the list price I have to put a post fix on it if a whole bunch of products have the same list price.







etc etc


I am sure that this is an error in the setup of the site but I am gad there is a work round even if it is a little weird.



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