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WP.OSC – Removing "New Products" module ENTIRELY


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I know this question of removing "New Products" module from index.php has been asked to DEATH, but I've installed WP.OSC and the instructions for blocking out the code for lines 120-122 in index.php simply does NOT work. Simply because the index.php for WP.OSC doesn't even exceed 100 lines in the first place!


Blocking out lines 53-54 of module11.php only removes the New Products box from sub-pages but not from homepage.


I've spent the last 3 days searching for an answer, and none of the solutions for original OSC works for WP.OSC. Otherwise, this WP.OSC thing is really fantastic. Their support forum is so dismal that many requests for support/help have not been answered for months.


Somebody please... Help will be GREATLY appreciated!


Thanks, and regards. :)

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Hate to tell you this but...



The only place you're likely to get an answer is on the WP.OSC forum - not that anyone here doesn't like you or WP.OSC - it's just that we are using for the most part osCommerce which as you have found out is totally different. In other words we can't help you with something we know nothing about ~ sorry

My store is currently running Phoenix

I'm currently working on and hope to get it live before arrives (maybe 🙄 )

I used to have a list of add-ons here but I've found that with the ones that supporters of Phoenix get any other add-ons are not really neccessary

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Thanks for letting me know. But I was honestly just trying my luck. :(


I've tinkled around with the original OSC, and had so much difficulty (not to mention waste of time) trying to lay out the template just the way I want it – 1 sidebar, breadcrumbs at bottom of page, etc etc – that I just jumped on WP.OSC when I found it. It's relatively idiot-proof, which is great for a CSS/php idiot like me. Everything's just great on the site now EXCEPT for this New Products module!


Am just crossing my fingers hoping someone here uses it too and can help me out.

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