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What shipping methods work with Authorize.net?


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What shipping method options can we use with Authorize.net?


All we have now is Paypal, and we use USPS exclusively. Frankly it works very well. We love USPS (don't tell anyone). Our shipping rates are low and very well tuned in. We use ZONE RATES for world wide shipping, and after a few months of dead reckoning, the rates are spot on for our products, so obviously we want to stick with ZONE RATES.



How the heck can we work this with Authorize.net?

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OOps sorry for the bump, won't happen again.


To answer your question - we have been using Paypal, and shipping is very much integrated with the payment processor. With another payment processor such as Authorize.net, is it purely a manual process?

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OK, so there are two separate and independent shipping parts in osCommerce:

1. shipping module: quotes prices to your customers

2. shipping labels module: lets you print labels from the admin backend


You said that for 1. zone rates works well for you. Now as far as I understand you used to ship the orders from paypal.com? Because that's actually eBay shipping, none of the other payment processors have that.

This is where 2. comes into play. There are two modules worth looking into for your case:

usps shipping labels (should work out of the box)

PayPal Automated Labels (would have to be adjusted to work with USPS)


Once you install one of these mods, you'll be able to ship directly from admin.

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Thank you SIR!!


We have it working thanks to your initial advice. We did some slight mods (the USPS module is invisible to the customer for example), but overall it was as straightforward as entering our information. In some ways it is better than Paypal (FASTER!) - my only small complaint with USPS online: It doesn't do First Class mail (but Paypal does!)

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