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Different headings for different categories?


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Hi again everyone,


I had a question as far as the template/design goes. You know how the default template has a text line that, when you click on a category, says "Let's see what we have here" ... I know I can go into edit languages -> index.php and change that, but what I am wondering is if there is a plugin that will allow me to have something there that is different for each category... For example, if a customer chooses Top-> 1" miniature furniture -> (company brand), I would like for it to describe the company that they chose, rather than "Let's see what we have here" ... I took a look at index.php and it's a simple table setup with a php snip that echos "HEADING_TITLE" ...


I am sure, if no one has already done something like this I could probably work out something, perhaps storing the different headings in a new table on the database, and then, depending on the category number, calling a certain heading text, but I'm not that great at PHP and if at all possible, I'd rather just download something that's been done, but I've had no luck finding it in the contributions section, most likely because I'm not sure exactly how to say what I'm searching for ... I tried "Different Headers" and "Alternate Headers" but came up empty.


Your help, as always, is greatly appreciated!

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