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The e-commerce.

problem have no access to admin


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the problem is i have now got no access to the admin area


i think my problem is i tryed to restore a back up as i thought i had cocked some thing up thinking this would corret the first problem but it

did not i thnen managed to fix the first problem but know have this problem in not being able to get on to the admin section


when i type the file name in for the admin section it just takes me to a advert page (host set up like this)


any ideas


many thanks phil

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Check you admin / includes / configure.php for the name of the admin it thinks you are going to.

Have you renamed your admin folder?


checked that

i have not changed it since i changed it ( i was in the admin folder this morring)that was the first thing i checked


thanks phil

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so you are having a problem actually seeing the admin folder to get the log in page?

Have you changes anything in the admin htaccess frolder?


yes having problems see the admin log in page

have i changed any thing in the htaccess folder don't think so the only thing i can thing of is i tryed to unzip the backfile when i thought i had cocked it up i thought it would have replaced all the files back to how they were before the error had happend but it did not so i managed to fix the first problem but it has now done this


ps could have any thing to do with file permisons

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Hi Phil

after some errors tracing i discovered the that incorrect files had been uploaded to the admin, that should reside in the catalog folder. Once i placed some code in the htaccess to prevent redirection to the other site ( i will leave that there) i could see the error, the login was trying to load the cookie settings page that does not exist in admin, rather then a 404 error you were taken th this ad page.

This wont happen now.

So there we are, its becuase the catalog login.php was used instead of th admin login


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