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The e-commerce.

Is this possible: EMAIL VALIDATION


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either on registering or after buying, this should eliminate a good deal of fakerz...


This is already built into osC :)


As default we check the domain name is valid and as an extra check you can turn on Verify email using DNS which you can configure using email options in the admin tool.

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thanx for the quick reply...


I was aware of this function, but it is not sufficient..


It only checks if a email adres COULD exicst..


Take for instance this board software, to register you must click on a validation link sent to you IN an email...


this is the sort of stuff thats makes chances of abuse grow lesser very fast..


Possible still???

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I think you would have a problem getting shoppers to register if you were to set that step into the process. It has been pointed out elsewhere that the *fewer* steps there are the better for customer compliance. I'd bet you would lose a lot of sales if you were to put that in place.



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Yer, you would, whenever I go to a site and they have this system, I normally don't want to register!!


But if somebody would come with something like this, It would be good for development puposes..

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Anyone know if this has been developed by anyone at all yet?


we seem to have a few fakers registering with valid domains but invalid emails - i would personally prefer it if we could ensure that all email address were validated.




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