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Column_right issue after Login


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Just joined the forum here. I've been using the OSCommerce software on my own site for a year or so.. love it.


Now, I'm building a site for someone else, first time I've used the 2.2 version, but I seem to have a small issue.


Everything displays correctly, except for some reason when you login the column_right.php boxes are displayed at the bottom of the column_left.php so that the left side is verrrry long and only one box on the right "Shopping Cart".


I have modded a few files to tweak the cart to my customer's specifications, but I don't believe I did anything that would affect this. I've waded through a bunch of the files and everything seems to be just fine.


I've done a few searches on the forums here and read through a tonne of threads and the bug area but I can't find anything that references this issue.


Anyone have any ideas? My many thanks in advance.

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Thanks so far...


Yes, a URL.. sorry bout that, here is the URL where I am setting it up...




You can log on with the email spam@virtualhelpelectronics.com and a password of test1.


Hmmm... I just created that account above and it's not happening anymore, everything is fine, BUT if I go back and login to the other account I have setup its back to not being formatted correctly.



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Don't know if you can see it, but your gif bg's don't quite match your page bg - nice work though... I like the create account link in the header.. would be nice to have this dynamic so it doesn't show once the user is logged in.

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Well... I don't know what it was...


Tried refreshing many times, cleared my cache... even rebooted a couple times, no doin', wouldn't change back. I had to delete the account and create it anew before it would correct itself. Must have been my ISP caching the pages.


As for the gif bg's in my header,thanks a bunch, I hadn't noticed they were different, blue = 68 instead of 69 :) . I'll just change the bg of the header to set it straight.



"would be nice to have this dynamic so it doesn't show once the user is logged in."


Hadn't put alot of thought into that one either, I'll have to come up with a solution.


Thanks a bunch and thanks for the compliment.

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I had the exact same problem when I went to checkout the column_right boxes moved to the bottom of the left column on the page.


I found the problem to be the php files in catalogincludesboxes, I checked all the files and removed the following:






	 <IMG SRC="images/boxes/table_footer1.gif" WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=20></TD>



I hope this info helps.


tim :D

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