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The e-commerce.

I'm ready to go public with my site... any suggestions?


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After 2 weeks of solid work and the help of the many fine folks on this forum (Linda especially), I think my site is ready to go public this weekend. I'd love to hear any suggestion you have regarding the layout, load times, and any thing else you care to share.


Again, thanks to all who helped. Maybe now I can start answering questions instead of posting them!





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Because good is dumb.

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Nice looking site, wrong place to post and to post in the My Store forum to get feedback you need "Powered by osCommerce" on your site :)

[no external urls in signatures please, kthanks]

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I've moved it to My Store.

If you do not put "Powered By osCommerce" on your shop I will have to

delete the thread :( Read the sticky post in the My Store channel...




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Hi Joe!


Very nice customization of the color scheme. Even though you have kept the stock layout the wood grain box headers and soft beige backgrounds gice it a nice feel. Good job!


A couple of things that need to be addressed......initial load time on my 56k dial-up, 165.82 seconds...OUCH!!! The problem is the images. I checked one of them and it is a 600x400 compressed to be a thumb nail and it is over 42k.

I would suggest one of the multiple picture mods so that you have small file thumbs and can still have the big pictures you need to show off those beautiful grains. Even the big pictures could use some compression. The lack of speed can be a site killer. For more tips on speeding download times check the Tips and Tricks section for "I feel the Need for Speed".


One other thing, the basic product listing still has lavender backgrounds...really doesn't match the rest of the site...A simple stylsheet change will fix that right up.


Good Luck and much success with your venture!!!

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I agree with BirdBrain, great color schene but the images need to go on a diet.


I would however consider the splash-page pretty redundant. You migth want to consider moving the text to stores front page and removing it.

"Use no way as way, have no limitation as limitation." - Bruce Lee

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Hi Joe,


Can I just say this guy is a nice person !

he asked for two minor points a few weeks back and was very thankful.


(Theres quite a few people who seem to email and expect too much help,

and then when their store is finshed just leave the forums with out helping others.)


Your site.

I quite like the colors ...the sense of wood also the personal photo and signature gives a very personal and warm greeting.


Perhaps you could put the buy now button next to product listing

(this would instantly add the item to the customers cart)


Good Luck mate !


Special Effects / 3d + Flash

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