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[Contribution] Downloads Controller v5.3 with Free Ship/Pay


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Can you check and see what your Page Links is set to in:


Configuration ...

Maximum Values ...

Page Links ...


And also just for giggles what is the Search Results right above that set to?

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installed the constribution and get
Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: productlistingbox in /home/www/htdocs/pc-4-you.de/catalog/shopping_cart.php on line 151


any clue what is causing thies ?


Regards John


From the error, it seems like you are missing productlistingbox class.


Check your stylesheet

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I have this mod almost working on MS2.


My problem is the download link is not properly defined. It always looks like this:




The problem is CONTENT_DOWNLOAD always shows up instead of the actual filename.


I have looked in filenames.php, and my download is defined like this:




Where is CONTENT_DOWNLOAD defined?

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I have this MOD working good for all situations except when a user buys a product that is chargeable and also adds a free download. They are not given the download link untill the purchased product is shipped. If the buyer just orders the free download, they are immediately able to begin their download.

Any ideas?



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The Downloads Controller is based on the Payment Modules orders status.


If you have Credit Cards set up to be Processing and Downloads Controller to be 2 (Processing) then the download is available right away.


If you have Money Order set to be Pending and Downloads Controller is 2 then the download is not immediately available as Pending is orders_status 1

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Hiya all,


Just need a little help here for this module:


The modules problem is that it takes a manual setting of the order status to enable the download - not an automated one through the purchasing process even though it is high enough to initiate the download.


For example, I need to manually change the order status after the purchase has been made for the download link to appear and correct expiry date to be revealed to the customer. So, using the order status defaults outlined by Linda, i change the customer's order status from 2 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 2 to 4, 4 to 4. Any of these will get the download link to appear in the customer's account but I have to change the status manually. This is because immediately after the purchase, even thought the order status is high enough to enable the download, the link is never seen until the status is manually set in the admin. Hence, the problem for me is that the module does not correctly initiate the download after the purchase even though the order status should indicate to the module that in fact the download should be offered. The system is not working automatically. Any fixes or suggestions please? (running ms2)




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Hi All,


I have this mod loaded, but I have one small problem; after the final checkout the box for download does appear but there is NO link and the Expiry date is always the date of the day, also it always shows 0 downloads remaining. The Expiry date is set to 7 days and a max of 5 downloads.


Any ideas where I have gone wrong?


Thanks in advance

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I get the checkout success! page and the box appears with the filename that is to be downloaded, but NO link expiry is always current day and 0 downloads remaining?


I have tried and tried... maybe I am looking to deep into something that is so simple!



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ok ... let me clearly summarise the problem for everyone, hoping linda will answer it in the same vein:


There are two (confusing) variables to be defind in the Download Controller (Admin side) :


1. Download Controller Update Status Value

2. Download Controller Order Status Value


The Readme file does not clearly show what each would mean. Please clarify asap.


Taking a practical scenario:


I change the orders_status settings as follows (using phpMyAdmin):


[1] Received, Verification Due

[2] Being Manually Verified

[3] Awaiting Funds Transfer

[4] Declined

[5] Approved


Then, I enable Credit Card Payment Module and let it set the order status to [1] Received, Verification Due


Now, when a customer orders a downloadable product, he should *not* be getting a download link on the checkout success page, right?


Secondly, when I update the orders status in the admin side to [5] Approved, only then the download link should be shown in the My Account / View Order section, right?


Now, to let these functions show up rightly in the transaction process, which all settings should be given to the two variables (as given above) :


1. Download Controller Update Status Value

2. Download Controller Order Status Value


Any help will be most appreciated.




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OK, I got a few steps further... I now have an expiry date and max number of downloads showing! Yesterday I even had the download link there but when you clicked it the link went nowhere (well to a page not found).


This morning I restored the database to a backup I did on Sunday, went through the same? steps I did yesterday... I can still get the expiry date and max number of downloads to show correctly but I have lost the link?


If I ever find a way to get the link back what would stop the link working, the file is in the downloads folder (downloads folder is set to 777 pub folder set to 755)



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since spt 30 no more question and answer on this contribution , i spent 3 hours reading all forum link on this contibution and i wanna install it on ms1 load 5


wouldnt it be easier for all if the readme file contains:


- the name of new to osc variable used

- the checking we have to do on table to see if all the values are existing

- different exemple of cheackout to understand the way the Dc check , is triggered ..


in brief a deeper step by step install readme file


and also , if some user manage to make it work 100 fully to tell us wich version of osc and DC ... it s know that we hear more form people that have problems than the others


by the way thanks to linda for her work


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Can't get downloads to work. I get the following message

Warning: main(includes/boxes/downloads.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in


Is there supposed to be a file called downloads.php in catalog/includes/boxes? Because is there is, I don't have it.




What the hell was I thinkin'?

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I'd like to thank the contributors of this download controller and the contributors to this thread.


Having worked through the instructions and the issues and hints documented here, I now have a download solution that tests OK, including the update process.


I only have two issues remaining:


The orders page in admin still produces jammerpro's error if there is no value in the order ID box - ameliorated by left aligning the boxes so you can see them when the error is generated. Has any one come up with a fix for this?


The redirect approach to download still dosen't work - just sends about 1k and declares itself complete. The CHMOD settings are OK I think but I suspect I may need to speak to my host provider about that one - any other thoughts?


Thanks again



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Got A Big Error since i installed the Module .




Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_array_merge() in /www/h/blabla.com/htdocs/shop/admin/configuration.php on line 93



Please Help :( .

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Everybody!


I had Downloads Controller mod working fine until I added PWA mod (Purchase Without Account).


If I log on to an account, Downloads Controller works fine.


If I purchase physical items without account, it works fine too.


However if I purchase download items without account, it works fine until at success page. There's download button, but when I tried to clicked it, it came up with a blank screen.


I suspected it was because PWA mod cleared some information at success page where Downloads Controller was trying to access those information.


Any idea to solve this issue?


Thanks! :D

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first off great job! fan-bloody-tastic contrib there linda!

i have everything setup and working okay except for the actual file download process for the customer.


the download link is visible on the order details in My Account section- all good there

problem is clicking on it prompts user to save the correctly named file, but the download ends straight away having downloaded a 400b empty zip file, intead od the 5mb correct file.


ANy ideas as o why this would be happening


the zip file is locted in the correct location and as i said is being anmed correctly there is just and issue with the files size and why its empty?


Thanks in advance for any help you can give...

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Is there anyway to offer more than one download when only one purchase is made? Right now I have mine setup with "Shipping" as a product attribute & "Download only" and "Ship product" as the two values. When a customer chooses "Ship product" it progresses through the checkout process like normal. When he/she chooses "Download only" it adjusts the weight (using the "Add Weight To Product Attributes v0.1" contrib) to make it 0, which invokes the Downloads Controller to manage the download process after checkout & payment confirmation.


What I would like to do is offer "combo" packages of products where they save money by buying more than one product in a series together instead of buying just one or buying them separately. Currently if they order 'Product 1' they would be able to download 'product1.zip' and the same with 'Product 2' (product2.zip). Is there a way to set up osCommerce using the Downloads Controller so that when a customer purchases 'Combo Package' (containing products 1 & 2) for download only they will be authorized to download both of the zip files?


I know that I could simply zip the two products together into a 'combo.zip' package & link it to the combo product, but this would be doubling up the server space. I'm willing to do this, but would rather not take up unneeded space if it is possible to simply link both products for download when the combination package is purchased.


I tried adding both zip files as 'Download only' attributes to the combo product, but this just adds two 'Download only' options (one for each of the zips) to the checkout process (where the customer can choose only one - not both). You can see what I'm talking about here: http://www.reimagedesign.com/catalog/produ...?products_id=30

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I also had the 1064 error in the admin section (everything else seems to work fine).


I removed the codesnipets (order by) three times, as suggested - now the Order page works again.


I hope it doesn?t break anything else!




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I can confirm the same problem with the PWA and download contoller combination.


It appears that the session destruction following the check for a Guest account - line 32 in my file - is the culprit.


I propose to comment it out for now and add the check and the session destruction in download.php after the test for the matched combination of customer id from the session data held in the database and the order number and product id from the GET_VARS passed on from downloads.php .


As a relatively inexperienced coder I'd welcome comments from others before stepping into this particular unknown.

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