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How to delete extra catalog items?


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I uploaded an excel file that contained my inventory of items.


I used EasyPopulate 2.3


For some reason I have (20) extra items that are not part of that list in the "whats new" area of OSC.


I cant find a place in Admin to delete these.


Thanks for any help on this!

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the easy way you use the the txt file from easy populate

check it out if the items there then you can delete it

otherwise you can go also to the myphpadmin and empty the product table


this is only my opinion i dont testet it out.

make a backup first

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If you use Easy Populate to re-upload the text file, and you delete products from the text file, osc will NOT delete those products from the store simply becos they are not in the text file.

It will simply not make any changes to them.


I had this same situation happening.

If you have extra products showing up that were apprently not in your text file, I would suggest making sure you have their categories listed correctly in the text file, and ensure they are in the proper case.

If you have a product in a catgegory "Widgets" and you upload a product the exact same product but with a category "widgets" it will create a sceond category for that same product becos Widgets is not the same as widgets, resulting in an "extra" product in your store.

Same goes for product number, product name, and maufacturer.


That would be my first suggestion...check that the products you are uploading have EXACTLY matching fields to those that already exist in your Products section.

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When I first uploaded the (20) items that are now showing up as extra products, I saved the excel file an Excel worksheet, not a text, tab del file.


I think that mayhave done it.


Should I just go into myphpadmin and delete the items from the SQL table?


The product item names were not changed, so I dont think that caused it.



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