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Whos online listing my IP multiple times?


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For some reason my IP is showing up in the whos_online.php page at least 12 times.

The only way to get rid of it is via phpmyadmin...


Is there anyway for it not to list my IP?



Thanks much



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Hmm... Is anyone else seeing this too?

I don't even need to visit the site for my IP to be listed multiple times :(


I delete them all and then, within an hour they are back again..

Always listing me as guest.. then if I login it will list one with my real name and all the others are listed as guest...


Totally confused





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I'm not having that problem, but the problem I am having is that everyone shows us as guest in whos_online - I am signed in and I show up as a guest...?????

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I don't get it.. there can be 16 people online, and 13 of them are me... showing my IP.

I have to figure out what is causing this.

It doesnt happen on any of the other installs I have done.


What other files does the whos_online.php need to run?


I have tried uploading the original files... but it doesnt help..


Any ideas what files I need to replace?





Desperate in Maine



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