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Volume Discount w/ A Twist


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Has anyone ran across a contib that will, or knows how to make one:

Look at order subtotal and if equals say $550.00 or more, it applies a 10% discount for only certain products in the users cart, and takes that discount off the subtotal.



widget A 1x250=$250.00 <- is allowed to be discounted (tlabs product)

widget B 2x50=$100.00 <- is allowed to be discounted (tlabs product)

widget C 2x100=$200.00 <- not allowed (some other manufacturer)


Subtotal $550.00 <-equals the min. for the discount

Discount(-)$35.00 <-based on 10% of products being allowed a discount.

Tax & ship calcs. after discount.

Total $515.00


I can add a field to the product database lets say VDISCOUNT_ALLOW and if it = 1 the product can be discounted and if = 2, no discount.


I just dont know how I would write the mod. to lookup the subtotal verify if it meets the criteria, if does do another calculation of the products that are allow a discount via the VDISCOUNT_ALlOW field, and place the Discount amount after the Subtotal.


I'm trying to make this clear and easy to understand, if anyone needs more info, just ask :wink: Any help would be greatly appreiciated, Im not the greatest php programer, I can usually figure it out but im just not sure on this one. thx, Chris

Chris Guth

Seniors Living Healthy


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