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The e-commerce.

Some advice on LINDA META TAG


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Hi all,


I know it has been discussed a lot about this contribution, and I like it. but I like some advice about it and I like to clear some doubts.


I have install it, (almost). I need to finish the admin part?


Now, trying without the usage inserting details into new fields, I see that it works fine,

Web page Title, Description and keywords?


Now what it the benefit of having on each product a different description, different title different keywords?


Wouldn't that be enough to have a unique Title, Description, keyword for surfer or google?


Just a thought.


Thank you



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It's that many more pages for the spiders to creep over and remember you by ...


:shock: That many more links people can save that are unique and have meaning in their names ... :D


More is better ... :wink:

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Most definitely. The more spider food the better. People don't always use the words you think they do to find you and that word you added in the product description tag could bring you that special new customer that we all crave, the one that loves your store because they finally found what they were looking for and they join your affiliate program and send all their friends and........


the rest is history...... :wink:



[no external urls in signatures please, kthanks]

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So that means that when google or something else comes around, will pick all, ( I say all the products with which have differenct Title, desc, keyworld)? 10, 100 or 1000 products?


I have installed the admin part and it actually ask to add on each product

Title, Desciption and keywords...


I will some problem thinking what to put... in each product.


how you or others use these fields? some examples..





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