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Help Needed - Requirement for Paid Professional


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I posted this in the "Contributions" section and see that it has received little activity. I am re-posting it here and apologize for any "Cross Posting" that results... Here is the original URL and Thread:



Description follows below. NOTE: We will contribute this back to the Community as Open Source once complete.


This is a posting for help building a Category based Rental Feature for osCommerce. I apologize in advance if this is not the correct forum or if requests for paid help are not allowed in the forums. I need help with new functionality as I am not a sophisticated PHP programmer and need help creating the following feature in osCommerce. Assume that we have the standard installed osCommerce version that is available today for download. I have four product categories, one of which is a category wherein users can select items that are rented and not purchased. To start, I have created logic where each item that is available for rental is available to be bought in one week increments. However, it is important that we now have the following functionality.


1. If a product from a rental category is added to the cart, the user will be faced with a rental term in the check out process. For example, if the user selects a Green Widget from the rental category that is priced at $1.00 per day, when the user checks out, the user would have to pick a start date and an end date. So, two dates would need to be entered at checkout.

2. It is important that the functionality allow the total to be updated with the new calculation of the rental price multiplied by the number of days.

3. The rental period selected by the user will cover all items from the rental category that have been added to the cart. In other words, it would be impossible for there to be two different rental periods in any one order.

4. The rental period and resulting calculation will apply ONLY to the products from the rental category in the cart.


Please advise if modules or custom add-ons are available. If not, you may provide a quote for what you would charge but it is important to mention that we would like this complete by this Friday (February 21 or at the latest February 24). We would prefer to pay via PayPal.

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If you do not find anyone, you can find someone pretty much immediately on Elance.com. Just post your project and you'll get bids within the hour. Be careful who you go with though.



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why don't you use day as an item or attribute 5days=$5

then you can just ask for a start date and that can also be another option you would need one of attribute enhancment contribution to enter the date



lets say widget rental option one how many days each day is one dollar

two input field for start date value $0



just an idea

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