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How to keep up to date?


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I've installed 2.2cvs and then quantity controller, then attribute sorter. It was a real treat trying to merge the source code from the older quantity controller and attribute sorter to the newer cvs code. Now that it is working I see that MS1 is out. What I have to do to update is compare all the source again to see what to merge and what not to merge. I have to make sure I don't wipe out my changes for quantity controller and attribute sorter also. I'm using Beyond Compare which makes it easier but it is still a huge difficult job.


1. Is there an easier way?


2. Will features like quantity controller and attribute sorter ever show up

in the standard product?


3. If not why isn't there some hooks so you contributors don't have to mod so much of the base code?

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sorry if you've already seen this (method you've been using), but thought it was worth a read for your first question . . .


Branching and merging

Diverging/rejoining branches of development







p.s. - PLEASE let me know if you find a better way!!

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