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The e-commerce.

SQL file does not exist


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I cannot go ahead ...the first message said that a test installation was made but

in the second stage I get a message :


SQL file does not exist: http://www.mydomain.it/public_html/catalog.../oscommerce.sql


I checked and oscommerce.sql is there so i do not understand....


Also I follow this message help at



is the same case I follow instructions but I have the same error message..


Any more help ?


Thank you


Dino :? :? :?

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I am having the same problem as above. I keep getting oscommerce.sql does not exist. It does in fact exist on the server in the proper directory, and I believe all the files have the proper permissions set.


Can someone please help us with this problem. I keep hearing all the great things about this program, but I cannot even begin to see what it can do.



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Okay, I must apologize to everyone who gave me some advice.


I figured out what was wrong. My hosting company uses named based hosting, and the paths were incorrect. I was only putting in my half of the path instead of the full path that the hosting company gave me.


Works great!!!! This program is really nice. Now, I will customize as I need to.


Thanks for the help!!!



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