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The e-commerce.

Shipping problem


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thanks for this great program. I really enjoy using it.


I still have one question left for a contribution:


Shipping Problem:


I have to pay 5 EUR in my home country for every 30KG.


This is maybe no problem, and can be done with tables, or?


If I ship in foreign countries I have a table:


1. Maximum weight per country


Austria 20 KG

Canada 25 KG



2. A fee per parcel

Austria 5 EUR per parcel

Canada 2.5 EUR per parcel



3. A Charge for every KG

Austria 1 EUR per KG

Canada 8 EUR per KG



Every Country has shipping and fee tax wich is the same like the Tax of the products which are bought.




New Zealand___30__ 4_____6




Every Country has three variables.




Please can someone help, I really need this :D


Maybe there is a solution out there, but which should I use.


Best regards




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If you use CVS#20021104 and above, for the first please attemp please try



You can try this module and you can make a modification for your request.



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Extraship handle both local (your country) and foreign country.


For further use, you can hack the code. I think it only add a few lines to make it's work as you wish.



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How much foreign countries do you want add to the list?


Have the shipping module load all countries available in your database provided by OsCommerce (default)? (this could be take more 200 countries)


Or, you configure 2,3 or 20 countries manualy by yourself? (like Extraship module)




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